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Home Visit Massage Therapy FAQs

Where can I have the Sports Massage?

At your Home. Most Clients prefer to receive their Sports Massage in their Home due to the convenience, and the no travel time involved for the Client.

What area’s do you cover? 

Zones 1 – 4. Most parts of Zone 5. If unsure, call me to find out.

What about the Massage bench? Do I have to supply that?

No - I will bring the Massage bench and Towels.

How much space do you need?

I need a sensible area to set up the Massage bench and to be able to work around it. Approximately, 2 Meters in Length and 1 Meter in width.

What are your operating hours for the Home Sports Massage?

Monday to Friday 7 pm - 11 pm, and weekends 10 am - 10pm.

How often should I have Sports Massage?

As often as you like, provided that you are not suffering from any condition for which massage is contra-indicated. Ask if in doubt. Some people find that a weekly massage helps to control their stress levels, while others find that a maintenance treatment every few weeks helps.

But I don’t do sport, is Sports Massage really right for me?

Sports Massage is not just for the athlete, but for anyone with muscle problems related to activities, such as lifting boxes, gardening, or for people working at a computer all day.

How do I know if you are for real? Is there a Governing Body?

The Register of Exercise Professionals (REPS)  is responsible for overseeing standards of its members. As a member of this association, I am bound by the rules and regulations of Cimspa. I carry appropriate insurance and qualifications that are ratified by them.

What should I wear for the Sports Massage Appointment? 

The Therapist doesn't see you undress at any point in time. Whilst it may seem a little intimidating at first, you will be covered with towels and drapes during your treatment with only the area being worked on being uncovered at any one time.

There are no special attire requirements per se, but do feel free to bring to the appointment any item of clothing which makes you feel comfortable, i.e. Shorts, Sports Bra, Vest Top etc. The Sports Massage is Oil Based.

What if I need to cancel or change an appointment time? 

Please note that K2 Sports Massage has a 4 Hour Cancellation Policy. Clients that wish to cancel or change an appointment are kindly requested to provide a minimum of 4 hours notice, or full payment for the treatment will be charged.

I'm Pregnant. Can I still have the Sports Massage?

Unfortunately not. My insurance doesn't cover Pregnancy with Sports Massage. You can contact me when the Pregnancy is complete.

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