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Corporate Onsite FAQs 

Does our company have to commit to a certain length of time, or sign a contract? 

No - It is fine to do a trial run to gauge whether there is enough demand from the company employee's for the service.

Who pay's for the on-site Sports Massage? The company or the employee? 

The employee’s pay, but H.R. would need to provide a meeting room, or other appropriate area to set up in.

Why should our company consider onsite Sports Massage?

Onsite Sports Massage is all part of the Balanced Scorecard approach. Increasing numbers of companies are now looking at new ways to look after their staff, as well as focusing on profits and increasing productivity. Employee’s feel valued and appreciated at having this type of service available onsite, even if it’s the employee and not the company that pays for it.

As a H.R. Department, we’ve never considered this type of strategy going forwards. We’re not sure if this type of service is suitable for our company?

By all means, feel free to have a 1 day trial. Gather feedback from the employee’s afterwards. If the demand is there, we can discuss the medium to long term. If not, it’s no problem not to proceed.

Our Meeting Room has a small window that people can see into. What about the privacy issue? 

One or two sheet’s of Wall Chart Paper, sealed temporarily over the window, along with a Do Not Enter sign put on the door, can overcome the privacy issue.

Can you provide a reference? 

Yes - I can provide a reference from the any of the companies that I currently go to for onsite Sports Massage Therapy.

Where in the office can onsite Sports Massage be conducted? 

A standard meeting room would need to be allocated for the onsite sports massage to commence, or other suitable private area on the premises, such as the First Aid Room

Do you have insurance?

Yes, I have the necessary insurance. I can provide the necessary documents upon request.

Our company already offers Indian head massage, or similar type massage onsite.

I put it to you, give the employee’s the choice. Change is always a good thing. Simply speaking, no other massage compares to K2 Sports Massage in terms of revitalizing the body and mind.

K2 came highly recommended to me by one of my friends. How can I get this service onsite where I work?

Contact the relevant person with H.R. or Comms Department, and ask them to contact me directly for more information.

What about the equipment? 

I bring all of the necessary equipment.

Is the onsite Sports Massage oil based?

Yes, but it is very light oil used, and all the excess is wiped clean at the end of the massage, so that the skin is dry at the end of the sports massage. It’s not at all necessary to take a shower after the onsite sports massage. It works well at the other companies that we go too. Why not have a 1 day trial and see if it works well at your company?

How often can K2 attend onsite?

Depending on the level demand, and office size, either Monthly or Bi-Monthly. For a medium sized company with 250 – 750 employee’s, around 4 hours, once per Month, or Bi-Monthly. For large companies, with 1000+ employee’s, 4 – 6 hours, once per Month. Why not start with a 1 day trial, and gauge what the level of demand is from the employee’s for this type of service?

Scheduling: Who books the appointment for the employee’s? H.R. or K2? 

Employees should contact me directly via mobile or email to book an appointment.

I'm Pregnant. Can I still have the Sports Massage?

Unfortunately not. My insurance doesn't cover Pregnancy with Sports Massage. You can contact me when the Pregnancy is complete.

Any other benefits?

Onsite Sports Massage is a big time saver. The feedback I’ve received from vast numbers of employee’s at different companies is that they actually feel more productive and efficient at work, having taken 20 or 30 minutes out for an onsite sports massage to de-stress. The alternative, which many employees take, is to visit a local health club for a sports massage during work hours, which usually equates to 2 hours when travel time is taken into account.

Ultimately, onsite Sports Massage is a modern, effective and alternative way of increasing staff productivity by being less stressed at work. This is a win win situation for both the employee and the company. Less stress for an employee equates to increased productivity and increased profits for the company.

But I don’t do sport, is Sports Massage really right for me?

Sports Massage is not just for the athlete, but for anyone with muscle problems related to activities, such as lifting boxes, gardening, or for people working at a computer all day.

What should I wear for the Onsite Sports Massage Appointment? 

The Therapist doesn't see you undress at any point in time. Whilst it may seem a little intimidating at first, you will be covered with towels and drapes during your treatment with only the area being worked on being uncovered at any one time.

There are no special attire requirements per se, but do feel free to bring to the appointment any item of clothing which makes you feel comfortable, i.e. Shorts, Sports Bra, Vest Top etc. The Sports Massage is Oil Based.

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